The Bank of Russia has lowered a dollar exchange rate below 76 rubles

the Ruble was broadly higher on the stock exchange on Tuesday amid rising oil prices before the OPEC meeting+ under the new arrangements on the limitation of oil production and a positive on global equity markets related to the improvement of statistics on the coronavirus.

Photo: iStock How may strengthen the ruble in the near future

No new negative shocks on the market, and while maintaining hope for balancing the oil market through the efforts of the exporters, the exchange rate can be formed in a wide range of 74 to 77 rubles for one dollar and 80 to 83 rubles per Euro analyst predicts major “BCS Premier” Anton Pokatovich. In case of failure of the new oil deal, the ruble may return to the levels 77-78 rubles per dollar and 84-86 rubles per Euro, he said.