Anastasia is not sure, will there be wedding her new secret lover. The reason for this was a coronavirus, the second wave could start in the fall.

In this case, according to the ballerina, the wedding will have to cancel. Delay the wedding a ballerina perceives it as another obstacle that must be overcome, writes “Interlocutor”.

The artist said that he had used to overcome all the difficulties and complexities, and the secret that lies in her “past life”. The diviner, to which was referred a ballerina, told her that she was a man and did not care about myself.

In a past life I was killed in the war, protecting the man — shared his revelations of a personal nature ballerina.

Earlier reported that the Russian ballerina, dancer Anastasia Volochkova made the statement that she was “a ballerina of all Russia.” According to her, currently, from it emanates kindness, warmth, sincerity, sexuality, joy, and happiness and positivity.