Russian TV presenter Alena Vodonaeva boasted of acquiring a new apartment. It was the most expensive purchase in my life eks-participants “Houses-2”. About it writes the People Talk.

Leading the real estate is located in Gelendzhik. It is species — is located on the top floor. The apartment has a large terrace on three sides, two of them looking at the sea and the mountains.

“Purchased during this quarantine. It was the moment when I broke my piggy Bank (money I had been saving for several years). Impulsive buy, the decision was made for me two minutes from the moment I saw the apartment. Now I have two apartments in Gelendzhik and dime savings money, no airbags, but I fell in love with her,” shared leading.

During the regime of isolation Vodonaeva told me that she is a nervous wreck, with the result that she sometimes cried in secret from my son. According to the leader, she missed the interaction with people.