The leader of the group “time Machine” Andrey Makarevich spoke about the wedding with Israeli Einat Klein.

In December 2019 66-year-old Makarevich married 36-year-old citizen of Israel Einat Klein. In an interview with “Jewish journal” Makarevich admitted that for the first time agreed on the marriage ceremony, because the bride wanted “to be beautiful and it was in Hebrew”.

According to the musician, his previous three weddings without the reception. The singer has assured that no decorated with doll cars, no cries of “With a little do not tighten!” and “Why are young people not dancing?” he didn’t have and never will.

Wedding Einat Klein took place in Jaffa, the organization of the celebration, the bride took over. The couple held the ceremony Huppah. According to Makarevich, the Rabbi taught him all necessary action ceremony, so difficulties arose.

Earlier, the “Rambler” wrote that Andrey Makarevich due to pandemic coronavirus separated from his young wife Einat Klein. She spends quarantine in Israel, and the leader of the “time Machine” – in Moscow.