Yuri Loza responded to the statement of the wife of Paul Will, the presenter Laysan Utyasheva, the readiness to live on 50 thousand roubles a month. About it writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

the Musician recalled that Utyasheva “has a husband who earns well, to her it was missing 50 thousand”, and it could in principle do not earn.

the Vine is told that receives a regular pension and additional income from copyright. According to him, 50 thousand rubles per month are the cost of living. “I have communal for the house and for the country, probably all the money eats. If I have no gigs, then probably I will stand in line for free soup. Everywhere are trying to save,” he said.

Earlier utiasheva said the amount of money necessary for a quiet life. “Personally, I have 50 thousand [rubles] will live peacefully”, — said the leader. Utiasheva jokingly remarked that this amount is correct only when there are sales and discounts in clothing stores.

Later, producer Joseph Prigogine questioned the possibility to live on 50 thousand roubles. “I think people who say that in a month you can live to 30-50 thousand rubles, they dissemble,” said he, adding that spends at least a half to two million rubles a month.