Musician Yuri Loza criticized colleagues on show-to business, in particular, the Laysan Utiasheva, which has said it is ready to live a month on 50 thousand rubles, says "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

The artist believes that utiasheva made a similar statement "for the effect".

"We must remember that she (Utyasheva. — Approx. Ed.) have a husband who earns well, to her it was missing 50 thousand. It may not earn as her husband to feed", — said the Vine.

The contractor claims that 50 thousand rubles a month — a living wage.

"I communal for the house and for the country, probably all the money eats. If I have no gigs, then probably I will stand in line for free soup" — he admitted.

Vine added that tries to save their money.