the US President Donald trump on Saturday signed four new decree aimed at mitigating the economic impact of the pandemic coronavirus for the citizens of the country. In this step, the us leader went in light of the fact that administration officials previously failed to agree with the Democrats in Congress a new package of measures to stimulate the U.S. economy.

One of its decrees trump ordered to suspend the collection of tax on wages. Tax holidays granted to those Americans who earn less than 100 thousand dollars a year, writes TASS. The American leader has promised that in case of his re-election will forgive these taxes, as well as on an ongoing basis will reduce the payroll tax.

Another decree trump increased payments under unemployment benefits, citizens will receive an additional $ 400 a week. Another document aims to prevent the eviction of the Americans from rental housing for nonpayment of rent at the time of the pandemic. The fourth decree for additional measures to ease the debt students in the universities.

trump is convinced that all these measures will allow the citizens more confident to overcome the consequences of the pandemic. According to the President of the United States, it also intends to consider additional cuts in taxes, including income tax and capital gains.