the Network grows new fashion – to cook miniature meals. First, it is beautiful. Second, trying out less in the cooking process, eat less and lose weight. We collected videos of cooks to fit into a fashion trend that fueled the self-isolation of coronavirus around the world.

Around cooking delicious miniatures has developed, it seems the whole industry. Cooks use the tiny cups, plachecki, pots and other toys and cream cake, for example, interfere with toothpicks. Let’s see how to prepare a “puppet” edible cake work not less, than ordinary cake.

products for cooking, as seen on the rollers also come in petite, but quite like this packaging – the piece of meat the size of a matchbox, noodles in a Lilliputian bag, broth in a tiny bottle. For this equipped microcontinent. Here is videorecipe noodle with pork.

the Most advanced “miniaturise” equip the whole toy kitchen with mini-bowls, plates, furniture and cutting dosochki-chips, which is very advantageous to look at the camera. In this video, just like the interior.

Even the cooking of bacon and eggs and toasted bread in miniature versions of looks like real art. The stove is gas or electricity heated regular round candle.

Well, this mistress has surpassed many, and prepare the cake in the form of a unicorn in one bite. I think she specializiruetsya for sweet – evidenced by the pink color of her toy kitchen. It remains only to find liliputian that can eat such cake.