the airport of the capital of the Kuban from June 1, 2020 plans to resume clock mode. On Friday night, reported the press service of the air Harbor of Krasnodar city, which bears the name of Empress Catherine II.

according to the information posted on the official airport website, at 20.00 local time on the first day of summer he will be back to host guests in accordance with the current schedule. This means that air Harbor regional center expects 8 flights for arrival and 3 for departure flight.

it is Reported that all services at the airport (he also, for a long referred to as “Pashkovsky” – on location at ocrine city), including employees of the CPS and representatives of airlines that are ready to meet passengers. In this case, for their comfortable stay in the terminal for take-out today, cafes and restaurants. In addition, all the shops, which before the quarantine coronavirus in the Kuban functioned around the clock, will also return to the usual schedule of activities.

As you know, in early April, the airport of Krasnodar in connection with the pandemic moved to shorter hours: from 6:00 to 20:00. This was due primarily to a sharp decrease in the number of domestic flights. However, it is emphasized that the air harbour of the capital of the region that is “strategically important object” and continued to work around the clock.