Participant of the art group "War" Pussy Riot and Peter Verzilova was detained today in Moscow and was interrogated under article about mass riots, said, "the Media".

It is noted that he was contacted and told about the morning search.

According to "media zones", which is the publisher Verzilov, the search conducted by the GUSK for investigation of particularly important cases.

After that he was taken to the police station on Krasnosel’skiy district, where "carried out investigation of the events of July 27, 2019". The publication emphasized that in this period the detainee was in Estonia and was not involved in the events in Moscow.

Added that Verzilova was released after 13 hours of interrogation, but at the exit of the police station the man was attacked by "provocateur", then the publisher "media zones" taken to the police station on petty-Bourgeois area. The publication adds, it draw up a Protocol of disorderly conduct.