The widow of the actor Nikolai Karachentsov, Lyudmila Porgina said that the theatre “Lenkom”, where she is, paying her full salary during the period of the pandemic and downtime. In addition, always ready to come to the aid of the son and the daughter of the actress and give her financial help. At the same time, she said, not everywhere the situation is the same cloudless. Especially difficult it is necessary to actors, which are off-budget theatres.

“I Really worry about them, since in addition to visiting artists, there are office Directors, stage workers, accounting, Director. The theater has a lot of people.”

The star herself has noticed that helps even the casual passer-by on the street or in the shops, where she goes. If he sees that some old lady can not afford to buy, for example, sausages, I always give the money. Porgina hoped that soon artists will be able to work normally, and the audience will again return to theaters, reports “MK”.