SMS from MOE that warn of bad weather and emergency situations, are not a subscription, and unsubscribe from them it is impossible. This was on the Youtube channel of the Ministry of emergency situations of the Russian Federation according to acting first Deputy chief of a capital Central Board of the Ministry Andrei Mishchenko.

"SMS-informing service providers is not any subscription, and unsubscribe from it impossible. It is regulated by the current Federal law on communications. That’s why SMS is sent regardless of the wishes of the citizen, since this is aimed at the preservation of life and health of citizens," he said.

As explained Mishchenko, the decision to send alert messages to take the authorities on the basis of weather forecasts. Then the regional control Centre in crisis situations of the Ministry of emergency situations is SMS text and routes it to the operator. Delays in getting messages to people dependent on the load on the network, the present equipment of the operator and a large number of subscribers that should receive the alert.

In the MOE stressed that the SMS-notification today is one of the most effective ways of disseminating information.