Angelika Varum told how she experiences Leonid Agutin’s infidelities.

In an interview with Irina Shikhman for the Youtube project “AND talk?” the singer said that after 10-15 years of living together, the attitude towards her spouse changes, and those things that seemed important at first go by the wayside.

“And then the only question is whether you will be able to live in a new reality or not,” Varum noted.

She compared adultery in marriage with a tsunami, which “it’s pointless to be offended.”

“You can understand and forgive, or you can understand and not forgive. This is a personal choice of everyone,” Angelika Varum summed up.

Earlier, Leonid Agutin was repeatedly convicted of cheating on Angelica Varum. For example, in 2011, the media got photos of a musician kissing an unknown woman at the New Wave Festival in Jurmala. After that, Agutin had to make a public apology to his wife.

Varum refused to perform in Crimea

In the summer of 2020, Express-Gazeta reported that while in Sochi on the set of the video, the singer met a young fan from Krasnodar. The couple lit up for a long time in one of the local restaurants, and then left together in an unknown direction. According to journalists, the next morning the girl boasted to her friends that “Lenya is not only playing the piano masterfully.”