Valley spoke about the inferiority complex of the Russian

People’s artist of Russia Larisa Dolina said that the Russian spectator, in contrast to the us, acting shy and afraid to show his reaction, sitting in the audience. Such a conclusion, given in an interview to the newspaper “Izvestia”, she did, comparing their performances in Russia and USA.

Valley spoke about the musical “Chicago” in which she played on Broadway.

“the Producer asked me to say a few words in Russian, given that the performances will be Russian viewers. It was a cool idea and went with a Bang! Even the Americans reacted,” recalled the artist.

Comparing with the Americans spectators attending a production of “Sweeney Todd, mad Barber of fleet street” at the Moscow Taganka Theater, Valley said that those “afraid of your reaction”, “he played in the hall, among the spectators. When I approached some of them, they were discharged — if he was afraid I will do something. The Americans would react to it exactly the opposite.”

The singer stressed that U.S. citizens are “generally people are very relaxed”.

“They always behave like I want and how I feel — no complexes. They don’t look at the neighbor when you need to show your reaction to what is happening on the stage,” she said.

In 2013, it was reported that Larisa Dolina became the first Russian singer, who spoke on a Broadway stage. Earlier, the people’s artist of Russia, gave concerts in “Madison square garden” and Lincoln center.