Love assumption reported that she was invited for a photo shoot for the Playboy magazine. Members immediately rushed to dissuade 66-year-old singer from participation in the event.

Few paid attention to the hashtag “humor”, which the singer put into the post in Instagram. But all literally took photo caption actress with a headband with ears on his head.

Playboy was invited to shoot. Role-playing Bunny. Ears pricked, carrots prepared — coyly wrote assumption.

Playboy was invited to shoot 🥰 role-playing Bunny😜 pricked up his Ears, carrots prepared 😉👌🏻 ⠀ #playboy #rabbit #assumption #humor

Publish from Lyubov Uspenskaya (@uspenskayalubov_official) 7 May 2020 9:14 PDT

The part of the fans has advised the singer to lose weight, some drew attention to the “soft and plump” face of the actress. “Make a difference, but still not beautiful,” quipped the users.

However, most fans supported the assumption of her intention and said that with impatience will wait for the magazine with her face on the cover.

Earlier reported that the singer Lyubov Uspenskaya published in Instagram post, in which he admitted that he misses the old way of life. She is looking forward to the end of the isolation regime in Russia.