Alain Vodonaeva on his page in Instagram published candid shots that were taken at 16 years of age. Most of the users appreciated the looseness of the former stars of “House-2” in value, but some of the subscribers it had no soul.


Publish from Alena Vodonaeva (@alenavodonaeva) 29 APR 2020 1:45 PDT

The photos appeared in social networks on April 29. Vodonaeva said that he found many old photos in the process of cleaning the phone. In the pictures the TV star is depicted at the age of 10, 14, 16, 19, 25 and 35 years. It is noteworthy that the most juicy photo, which depicted Vodonaeva Topless, the girl is only 16 years old.

“it is interesting to observe how the appearance changes with time,” she signed the post (spelling and punctuation authors hereinafter saved – approx. ed.).

Followers of the star have reacted violently to the publication. Most agreed that Vodonaeva at any age is beautiful. However, some users noted that they were at 16 years of age behaved much more modest.

“I at 16 in the library standing in the queue,” wrote the lady under the name arina_r90.

“I’m not surprised that your teacher hated you then,” said greentastyavocado.

“You’re certainly in trouble Alena”, – said gusipass.

Just a couple of hours after publishing the post has gained over 30 thousand likes.