In June 2020 options for the purchase of housing in Moscow was considered by the representatives of 55 countries. The three States whose citizens are most actively manifested itself in the capital market of real estate, got Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. This is stated in the materials of the investment company Garnet, arrived in edition “”.

the largest volume of demand was Belarus, analysts estimate: the total amount of “external” client requests 17 percent had on the people of this country. On the second place Kazakhstan (more than 9 percent of the applications), the third — Ukraine (9 percent of requests).

Also rushed to buy apartments in Moscow citizens of Germany (about 6%), USA (5%), Israel (5 percent), Moldova (3 percent), the Czech Republic, Italy and Tajikistan (all less than 3 percent).

“Among the most exotic of countries, which residents are interested in real estate in Moscow in June, it can be noted côte d’ivoire, the Dominican Republic and Panama, — it is noted in the provided materials. — According to our forecasts, in the coming months, the volume of operations with foreign clients will grow.”

Earlier in June, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko spoke about the Russians who are buying up Belarusian apartments. He said that the Russian citizens “rushed” in Belarus, so the square meters in the capital becoming more expensive. Buying apartments in Minsk, visitors do not consider the money, the politician said.