an Outbreak of bubonic plague, which was recorded in the Western part of Mongolia, poses no threat to the Russian Federation. The main infectious diseases of FMBA of Russia Vladimir Nikiforov in interview the radio station “Moscow speaking” said that such outbreaks are not unusual for the region.

“Absolutely no threat to us. The fact that the bubonic plague from person to person not transmitted — it is not contagious,” he shared details specialist. According to the physician, the disease can be transmitted only if the bubonic plague transformirovalsya in the lung.

As explained Nikiforov, when pneumonic plague during cough and sneeze stands out the causative agent and she has all chances to become contagious. However, during the therapy with antibacterial drugs, the plague pathogen dies, assured the doctor. “As patients are isolated, there are no diseases on contact will not be”, — concluded the expert.

He also suggested that people didn’t get it when I eat the meat of the marmot plague, and at the time of butchering its carcass, or they are bitten by an infected flea. In the Russian Federation, the bubonic plague was last recorded in the Altai region in 2016, and deaths, according to the expert, was not more than a hundred years.

on 1 July it was reported that in the Western part of Mongolia was an outbreak of bubonic plague. The medical establishment brought the 27-year-old man and a girl. It is known that the epidemic was caused by the fact that they ate raw meat of a marmot.

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