Life of two patients rescued Tyumen doctor on the operating table came a woman in her eighth month of pregnancy she began to have dissection of the aorta, the largest artery in the circulatory system.

“the patient had aneurysm of ascending aorta: the wall of the vessel is stratified between the layers began to accumulate blood. Due to the growing pressure aorta could burst, which would lead to the rapid loss of a large amount of blood,” explained Tamara Kargina, press Secretary OKB № 1, where the perinatal center was treated by the expectant mother.

This complication is rare, and with high probability can lead to death.

the Operation to rescue the life of the mother and the baby consisted of three stages. First, surgeons performed the access vessels, in order to establish a specific implant (the patient while hooked up to a heart-lung machine). Then the woman’s caesarean. After that, the specialists replaced the damaged section of the aorta vascular implant and rescued the mother of a newborn.