Russian trading networks have stockpiled goods for some items, these reserves will last for four months. This was announced by the Minister of industry and trade Denis Manturov, RIA Novosti reported. However, as consumer demand decrease inventory levels will be reduced, the Minister added.

“If we say, for example, about food – you will remember that for ten days in mid-March sweeps away everything, but in this case, our trading system has passed this test, – said Denis Manturov. If we originally assumed that the traditional inventory in the logistics centres will be provided for 21 days, and that was enough, these 21 days have disappeared almost two days, so we then switched to the format of the 60-day inventory.”

According to the information centre of the Ministry of industry and trade, the stores are constantly added to the warehouses meat products, vegetables and other goods with a short shelf life.

Inventories long-term storage companies will last for two to four months of trading, assess the Agency. According to the Minister, this situation leads to additional pressure on working capital companies. At the same time, changed consumer behavior – they began to come to the stores less often, but each visit to buy goods for a large amount.