Thomas Gottschalk becomes a super nose again. Günther Jauch is stunned. Beatrice Egli struggles with hits. Lukas Podolski rolls out of bed. The Saturday show “Because they don’t know what’s going to happen” makes it bang. And Barbara Schöneberger is always good for dirty talk.

Günther Jauch is stunned. Astonished. He shakes his head. He looks at the audience. “You have something,” says Jauch. And when asked what the viewers could have, he himself answers: “So at least smoked…” The RTL star of smartass programs has landed deep in the entertainment business. “Because they don’t know what’s going to happen,” the show says. And DJ Ötzi should have been a warning right at the start. The spectators are brightly decorated. RTL chose “Schlagerparty” as the motto for the show with Jauch and Thomas Gottschalk and Barbara Schöneberger. Pop singer Beatrice Egli came as a teammate for the show stars – and footballer Lukas Podolski joined as a local hero. Barbara Schöneberger outed his medical history right at the beginning: “You were announced so often – and then you had Corona!” So ​​now it’s physically healthy in the evening. And mentally?

“This is my absolute favorite game,” Barbara Schöneberger recognizes right from the start. Five celebrities hide under five little hats and they sing hit fragments. Art? Put the fragments in the correct order by lifting the cones. Game two leads right below the belt. Lukas Podolski paints something rather long on a pane of glass with a nose pin – and opposite Beatrice Egli says: “I have completely different fantasies now…” Super nose Thomas Gottschalk does it well with the nose pin. A chair. A guitar. And then he accidentally paints Günther Jauch on his jacket. “It’ll never go out again,” he scolds.

Roland Kaiser enters the stage as a surprise guest. He had just 300,000 listeners in eight weeks on the concert tour. And in “Because they don’t know what’s happening”, the hit star brings a recorder onto the stage for Game No. 3. That means “Travelling Musicians”. And Jauch has to allude to Schlager with the flute, which should be recognized by the two teams Egli / Podolski and Schöneberger / Jauch. What is amazing is that Schlager star Beatrice Egli, perhaps the most musical of the candidates, is particularly difficult. She of all people only recognizes the very last of the flute hit melodies. But that might also speak against the flutist Günther Jauch. In any case, Schöneberger and Gottschalk already have a 3-0 lead.

The next game reveals very mercilessly how permeable the boundary between high culture and the trivial is. “That you’re so educated…”, Schöneberger marveled at the pop singer Beatrice Egli when she recognized Schiller’s “Glocke” – and knew that the line of text “The passion flees! Love must remain, the flower fades, the fruit must sprout’ does not come from Roland Kaiser’s hit. In general, Barbara Schöneberger presents herself as the uncrowned queen of the well-groomed smut on this evening. She knows about the art of seduction: “It’s always the mixture of distance and sexual availability. “

Schöneberger is ideally qualified for the bed game. The couples take a seat on a bed, and with each wrong answer to the quiz, the lying area becomes smaller. “Please take your hand out of my cleavage,” says Schöneberger right from the start. And what do we learn? More than 50 percent of Germans leave the light on in the bedroom during sex? Right. 41 percent of people in Germany have had sex on a first date? “I say that’s true,” says Schöneberger. “When it comes to sex, you can fully trust me – why else do you meet?” she adds. Thomas Gottschalk remains a little skeptical: “They can’t all know Barbara…” And yet that’s right. When asked whether a third of Germans want sex outdoors, Gottschalk gives in. “I’m afraid that at some point Barbara will lie on top of me.”  In any case, Schöneberger and Gottschalk win the bed game with ease. Otherwise, the duo doesn’t give rivals Beatrice Egli and Lukas Podolski a chance. And so the pop singer recognizes the lesson of the evening at midnight: “If only you had general education…” And in the final game she adds, just before falling from the climbing wall: “We’re really bad, but we have other advantages.” The television night is long, extremely long. But she is entertaining. And that can’t be said too often about the Saturday night program.

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