It was supposed to be a very special day for an influencer from Canada. But then a tragic accident happened in Toronto. TikToker Tanya Pardazi dared to do her first skydive a few days ago. But she did not survive this. The screen of the 21-year-old did not open.

The Toronto University philosophy student was also active as an infuencer. On August 27, she had her first solo skydive. The provider of the parachute jump explained on Facebook how the accident could have happened.

The statement read: “The skydiver deployed a rapidly rotating main parachute at low altitude without giving the backup parachute sufficient time/altitude to inflate.”

In addition, “Sky Dive Toronto” makes it clear in the post how affected everyone in the team is after the fatal accident.

Fatal accidents occur time and again during parachute jumps. However, some people survive a fall from several thousand meters. In 2011, Chris K√∂berlein from Cologne jumped from a plane at a height of 4,000 meters. As he reported to “”, he had previously jumped more than 600 times. But the parachute did not open, the reserve parachute got caught in it – and he raced towards the earth at 120 kilometers per hour. Miraculously, he survived the impact.

Tanya Pardazi was also taken to a hospital after her fall, but died there. Many mourn the young woman. A childhood friend told, “Tanya was interested in anything new and adventurous.” Adding, “She really savored every second. This is a huge shock for us. It’s difficult to process. It’s been a few days but we still can’t believe it.”

Another friend described her as “one of the bravest girls”. “Whenever we saw her, we knew we were going to have an adventure because she didn’t let those around her get bored.”

Now they have to deal with the fact that Tanya is no longer there.

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