Angelo Kelly will be traveling solo from now on. The musician, who became famous with his siblings through the family band “The Kelly Family”, is now a family man himself. And just as he knew it from his childhood, he and his wife Kira also made music with their five children. Under the name “Angelo Kelly

Angelo Kelly and his loved ones are currently on tour together again. But shortly before the end of the tour (there are only two concerts left), Angelo released a video that should have shocked many of his fans: “These will also be our last two concerts,” he says about the end of the tour next weekend in Bochum and Bad Zwischenahn. “We don’t have any more concerts or tours planned as a family. It’s just difficult to plan for the future.” It’s not yet clear whether that means saying goodbye forever or just temporarily. In another post, however, the family band says goodbye to the fans: “Thank you for ten great years. We’ll be called ‘Angelo Kelly

But for all disappointed fans there is a glimmer of hope. Because even if the family no longer appears together, at least Angelo will rock the stages again next year. “Next year I’ll continue with the mix-tape concerts alone,” he announces in the short clip. And his eldest son Gabriel is now following in his famous father’s footsteps with his own music – albeit with a completely different style of music than the “Kelly Family” fans are used to. He wants to make a name for himself as a rapper.

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