Summers call for staying hydrated and keeping ourselves cool while getting acquainted with the brand new fashion trends and flaunting them in front of your friends and colleagues! However, seasonable fashion trends can be expensive to follow and one might lose a substantial chunk of their budget if not aware of how to save and where to shop.

One of the most tried and tested ways of following fashion trends while staying within budget is by using coupon codes and discount deals. You can update your daily summer outfit for less than $70 if you get hold of appropriate coupons while shopping at major stores. For instance, with Shein coupons, you can save a flat 15% off on $49+ worth of shopping.

In this article, we will be presenting the top 8 summer trends for women’s right within $70.

1.   Masks

Face masks are one of the recurrent fashion trends that never go out of style. The last push to this trend was given by the COVID pandemic of 2020. We have included it in the summer fashion trends because the pandemic isn’t going anywhere and you can look trendy in something that is compulsory for your safety.

  • Adidas face-covers are reusable and perfect for daily use. They are made up of 40% recycled microfibre content. Customers can avail a pack of three Adidas masks for $16 right from the official website.
  • Nike offers a variety of facemasks for unisexual uses. The most prominent ones out of them are NBA face coverings, NFL masks, and Mask club cloth masks. The cheapest ones are the Mask club cloth masks that are available at a starting price of $9.99 while the NBA face coverings can be availed for $30 from their official website.


2.   Cotton dress

It can be a simple cotton gown or a midi dress with maxi lengths. Whatever might be your choice regarding cotton dress length, you can choose an appropriate sleeve type like a balloon sleeve which would help you in staying cool and breezy throughout your day. Let’s check out our top picks in this fashion trend.

  • Flounce-Hem mini dress available for $9.20 after a 60% discount on Forever21 official website.
  • Women’s Balloon Long Sleeve Tiered Dress available in four bright color options can be availed for $29.99 on Target after a 20% discount.
  • Juniors’ Vylette Tiered Babydoll Dress available in three color options can be availed for $20.40 after a discount of $24 on Kohl’s official website.


3.   Long-sleeve t-shirts

No, you haven’t been redirected to a winter collection page and we are indeed suggesting you long-sleeve t-shirts for summer fashion. Believe us for once and you will realize that a long sleeve t-shirt will be breezy and comfortable as your favorite tank top if chosen from an appropriate fabric. Let’s check out the most popular choices for long sleeve t-shirts this season.

  • Tommy Jeans Cotton Long-Sleeve Logo-Graphic T-Shirt can be availed for $23.19 after a sale of $28.99 and an additional discount of 20% on using SAVE coupon code on Macy’s.
  • Women’s Long Sleeve T-Shirt from Wild Fable is available in two particular color shades and can be purchased for $10.20 under a clearance sale offer from Target.
  • Embroidered Graphic Bible Tee can be purchased for $17.99 from Forever21’s official website with an additional discount of 21% on using coupon code F21Bday.


4.    Open toe shoe

People looking for a budget fashion upgrade can apply with an open-toe pair of sandals in this fashion trend. Nevertheless, we are here to suggest that square-toe shoes are going to be your companion this summer.

  • Women’s Haddie Cut-Out Ankle Peep-Toe Heels from Style and Co. can be purchased for $12.62 with an optional $7.74 shipping charge from
  • Women’s Comfy Sports Knit Sandals Thick Bottom Fish Mouth Sandals from Tuladuo can be shopped from Amazon at $19.99 with free shipping options.
  • Clear-Strap Open-Toe Sandals can be availed from $17.99 after a 30% discount on the shoe category of


5.   Headscarves

People looking for integrating a variety of colors and patterns into their summer ensemble would definitely love the idea of headscarves. Moreover, headscarves help in keeping your hair tucked in a position you want them to be and they will come in handy to save yourself from a ‘bad hair day. Not to mention, head scarfs are the most affordable pieces of fashion on this list.

  • Levi’s Scarf is available in three color options and can be availed for $19.99 only after a massive price slash from its existing price of $34.50 on Macy’s official website.
  • Calvin Klein Basic Soft Wrap & Scarf in One can be purchased from Target for an astonishing price of $13.93 after a discount on its earlier price of $40.


6.   Baseball caps

Baseball caps can be worn by anyone and everyone. Baseball caps will not only save you from possible sun-stroke but will also keep your fashion sense intact. You might be wearing a casual summer blazer or a loose t-shirt, a baseball cap will never make you feel out-of-place. You can either color coordinate your baseball cap or choose from a contrasting color for complementing your perfect summer style.

  • Original Trefoil baseball cap from Adidas can be purchased for $12 from their official website.
  • Tech style Dad cap from Reebok is available at a discounted price of $19.97 on their official website.


7.   Logo/Branded tees

You might have experienced the 90s fashion trends when logos and brands were trending. Seems like this trend is returning and you should not shy away from being a part of this trend. Brands like GAP, Abercrombie & Fitch, etc. are offering their branded t-shirts at affordable prices.

  • GAP retro striped t-shirts are available for $9.20 on Target’s official website under their clearance sale.
  • Adidas retro design t-shirt can be availed for $10 from their official website.


8.   Oversized shirts and overshirts

The summer season gives everybody the time and opportunity to experiment with different types of styles. For instance, oversized shirts can be worn over bathing suits or as a single entity in the form of a crop-top style.

  • Floral print Cabana style Voile shirts can be purchased for $60 from Kohl’s official website.
  • Island print aloha shirt is available on Target for $45.55 at a 20% discount on using the coupon code SAVE.


Summer season calls for mix-and-match style and is more about creating fashion trends than being a follower of one. However, the budget constraints seldom allow the hidden fashionista inside us to achieve daylight. In this article, we tried to capture the top eight fashion trends for women right within $70. If you are looking for extra savings, do checkout coupon affiliating websites which would help you in gaining all the necessary discount coupons and promo codes for your summer shopping.