In July, the student of the Voronezh industrial-pedagogical College Alexander Bushin risks being on the street. The Dorm compassionate, the College was allowed to live for him and three other orphans, will be closed permanently. Where to go, Alexander knows of state aid in 17 thousand rubles, perhaps, enough for a rented apartment, but then there will be no money for food. Previously, he worked as a loader in the warehouse, but the start of a pandemic COVID-19 was closed.

At the age of 11 Bushin lost his father, three years later his mother died. An orphan taken under the care of relatives, but a year ago, Alexander split and moved to live in the dorms. When in March students dismissed to go home, Bushin left in the hostel – to go him nowhere.

– the application for the apartment guardian wrote three years ago. Recently called the Department they said that my turn 3162-I.

the Department of social protection of the Voronezh region has confirmed the problem with providing housing for orphans is. But it is objective, according to officials. Apartments to buy approved by the Ministry of construction price 39 thousand rubles per square meter. For Voronezh, it does not fit – the price in new buildings here starting from 43 thousand rubles for “square”.

– Nothing extraordinary happens. We look for the price that will be minimal, – said the head of the Department Olga Sergeeva. In the queue for housing in the region is 3981 orphan. They are waiting for an apartment for several years, then sue the officials in court, win it and still remain without housing, according to the FSSP, the performance of such solutions leaves an average of two years.

the Situation escalated so much that attracted the attention of prosecutors. For the second year in a row the Governor make a presentation about excessively small appropriation for the purchase of apartments. In 2019 budget expenditures on housing for orphans has been increased five times, and this year – in six and a half. The number of purchased apartments increased almost four times from 145 in 2018 to 506 in 2019.

Recently, the Prosecutor’s office sent to the Department of social protection another idea – this time on auctions held “for show”. The result was a government meeting, at which the Governor proposed to increase the purchase price of the housing to 43.5 thousand rubles per square meter. But even taking into account market prices and increased volumes of purchases at providing houses chetyrehchastnaya phase will take eight years. And Alexander Busino have nowhere to live tomorrow.

Alexander Kulagin, the Prosecutor of the Voronezh region:

– the observance of the rights of children-orphans remain a priority for the Prosecutor’s office. We are constantly monitoring the situation, immediately react to the inaction of the authorities in the case of violations, take action.