Memories of an Irish fighter of the mixed style (MMA) Conor McGregor’s dreams of seven years ago has caused controversy among fans. Post available in Twitter-account of the athlete.

McGregor gave a tweet, which was published in 2013 with the caption “Work on your dreams.” “I just want two championship belts, black belt JIU-jitsu, a place in the Hall of fame and 25 million in the Bank. Am I asking too much? Time to gym!” — says the publication.

Subscribers reacted ambiguously to this post. “Pension is over?”, “Returned?”, “Three fights in 2020?”, “So, do you train?” — wrote some. Others did not agree that the Irish hints at a return, and pointed to the impermanence of McGregor in this issue: “How can you be a prostitute?”

McGregor announced his retirement from the sport on June 7 of this year. In the past, the soldier several times — in 2016 and 2019 — has announced the completion of a career in MMA. He then changed his decision.

McGregor became the champion of UFC in two weight categories. Just for a career in MMA he had 26 fights, 22 of which resulted in his win and four defeat.