Presenter Regina todorenko transferred two million rubles to the center for assistance to victims of domestic violence “” after the scandal with her statements that women can provoke men to beat them. As specified on the event page to Facebook, the donation became the largest for all time of existence of the centre.

“We say a huge thank you to Regina, the money will help us continue to help the victims and to highlight the issue of domestic violence in Russia — only together we can help all those who need it”, — says the publication.

The center stressed that their words Todorenko apologized and that “everyone can make a mistake and to correct his mistake”.

In early may, Todorenko also released the film “what did I do to help?”, in which he spoke about the issue of domestic violence, including the cited opinions of experts and psychologists working on the topic of conflicts within families.

The film was shot after netizens made fun of the lead for her statement in an interview with Peopletalk on YouTube. Then she decided that women can be their own fault that they are beaten.

Todorenko later apologized for his words, however, criticism has not stopped. Glamour magazine was soon stripped her of the title “woman of the year”. In addition, the company began to break with the leading advertising contracts.