Presenter Regina todorenko admitted that almost immediately after birth, started to work.

Blogger is back to shoot, when the baby was two months. She took his son everywhere. At some point he got sick. Doctors have diagnosed “a bronchitis”. Star mother, fearing for the health of his offspring, decided to break away from the schedule.

I Wonder, remember you Bear, as I went with my mother to learning how sick tracheitis in 2 months, and we fly out the next day to another country for a shooting. Oh, if you knew how scared I was and how ugly the guilt ate up inside, afraid to recast baby needs attention and affection. I’m looking for some moms and admire how they look so easy to leave the child at the grandmother, — quoted “Express newspaper” word of a socialite.

According to star, she feels a sense of guilt that could give less Michael needed love and care, as it continued to work. She even had to make his apartment set. So she combined work and family.

Earlier, a young mother told me that allows the son to try everything for yourself and do not want to interfere with his development. In her opinion, it’s much better than to ban everything. 29-year-old Todorenko often gives the child a smartphone to study, not averse to buy him an outlet so he could dismantle it and finally see what’s inside. While many of her fans disagreed with this approach, and warned leading that life of the child should be bans, otherwise it will grow out of control.

Wrote in the April edition of Glamour magazine has deprived Todorenko the title of “woman of the year” after her statements about domestic violence.