Actor Vladimir Sychev was falsely accused of double murder. This he told the TV channel “Russia”.

48-year-old Sychev, according to “Rambler”, famous for roles in such films and serials as “DMB”, “Truckers”, “Boomer”, “Shultes”, “Loot”, “duhless”, “Teacher”, “Guy with our cemeteries” and “You’re pissing me off”.

It is known that in the 1990s, he was involved in the criminal world. Today, the actor became the hero of the next episode of “the Destiny of man”. In the course of it he said that he participated in criminal cases, to feed themselves, and never believed, as some people think, it is romantic.

According to Sychev, many times he avoided death during a showdown just because he could not take part in them, as played in the theater. He also said that once he was arrested on suspicion of the murder of two people.

“I was in shock!” — confessed the actor.

His car was stolen documents. Six months later, the thief knocked down a pedestrian, was caught with documents Sycheva, but somehow took on the responsibility. Then the police in an attempt to close the case accused in the incident of an actor. The charges were removed from him only after the crash is not identified Sychev.