at KV Oostende, take a step back. The kustclub in the room were able to see the license, Anderlecht, etc. UNTIL you had to do to get the ex-chairman, Marc Coucke in order to no longer be the acquisition of Ostend, block T, but now from the. They are still not in agreement with the view that Coucke not have a significant impact on KVO, but it stings the hand to create a constructive conversation to occur. To make a take-over by Pacific Media Group, to achieve Coucke is an installment plan for 6.2 million euros in debts and an annual tribunehuur have to accept it. Ostend, pull up to the room with the decision made by the licensing committee to argue with them. That is, the Kustploeg not proflicentie for the upcoming season.

lies in the application to have its own license, still has to be achieved in the meantime been submitted. The Kustploeg will be on a date to be determined to defend it to the room, on the 10th of may following, there will normally be a decision.

The Man gave to have a license to Anderlecht by Marc Coucke. Ostend seemed to want to challenge it, because it is of the opinion that the business still has a significant influence in the Versluys Arena. The commission has decided, however, that, “Marc Coucke obviously an influence to exert in the acquisition process, but it is not mainly the consequence is that there has been a ‘significant’ impact, such as is specifically prohibited in the Bondsreglement.”

you shopping, you can find it, but eventually decided to get the license for the purple-and-white, are no longer subject to appeal. “The club will now be fully focusing on her own licentiedossier and overnameonderhandelingen. It is essential that there is an agreement with Alychlo nv Stadium on the tribunehuur, and the outstanding debt. UNTIL then the decision to make, nor to the license of Anderlecht, nor licentiereglement to have to fight for it OURSELVES. “We want to be all cool and work on a solution in which all of the parties in a little water with the wine, and to make sure that there is another season, another professional football will be played in Ostend,” said chairman Frank Dierckens in a press release.

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