The project “My sports district” has become the most popular on the platform “The City of Ideas” in 2022. More than 42 thousand users took part in it. The project has become the most visited this year and the second largest number of participants for the entire existence of the platform.

The participants submitted more than 1.8 thousand ideas, left more than 2.7 thousand comments in thematic discussions and more than 113 thousand ratings of ideas that passed the expert selection.

According to the results of the project, 40 proposals are being implemented in Moscow, which are aimed at organizing free training on yard sports grounds. For example, in the next winter seasons, all residents who are just taking their first steps in these sports will be taught skiing and figure skating. They will also conduct family training in the fresh air for children and adults. The idea of organizing master classes of famous figure skaters became the most popular among the participants at the voting stage.

Residents offered to diversify the summer season with dance training and yoga in the fresh air, sports holidays for children in the courtyards, as well as roller skating. Many participants were not indifferent to table tennis, and the idea of teaching everyone to this sport was noted by experts.

On the website of the project “My Sports district”, places for skating will be marked, as well as training plans for outdoor simulators will appear. To update the telegram channel, residents proposed to introduce new headings: “Checklist”, which will publish important and necessary information for athletes; “Historical photography”, thanks to which it will be possible to find out how they used to play sports; “Stories of residents”, where athletes’ stories about what has changed in the past will be published. their lives thanks to training within the framework of the project “My sports district” and what results they have achieved.

The City of Ideas platform was launched in 2014. Its participants share suggestions on how to make life more comfortable in the capital. Over the past eight years, citizens have participated in 42 projects that were dedicated to electronic services, culture, entrepreneurship, healthcare, education and transport. Muscovites can not only participate in industry projects, but also make proposals. You can do this around the clock.

The platform is being developed by the State Institution “New Management Technologies” and the Moscow Department of Information Technology.