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– It has been far to not have a barnetog in Oslo. It has historic dimensions. It has been a difficult decision, at the same time a correct decision. Health comes first, ” says the head of 17. may-committee in Oslo Pia Farstad Von Hall (H).

the Leader of the 17. may-committee in Oslo Pia Farstad von Hall.

Photo: Andreas Jonassen / NRK

Von Hall tells us that it was a unanimous committee that decided to cancel barnetoget. They believe smittevernanbefalingene from the government and the municipality cannot be combined with a lot of people in the centre of Oslo.

In the year it is 150 years since the first barnetoget in Oslo. In 1870 there were a hundred kids who went up to the castle. In the years thousands of children from over 100 different schools in the capital, walked up Karl Johans gate shopping street. But koronaepidemien makes it difficult to celebrate the day in the usual way in years.

Von Hall notified already 23. march that the committee worked on a plan B for the celebrations in the capital.

Tuesday night decided the committee to cancel barnetoget in the capital.

the Party is based in the thousands of homes. But 17. may-mood, we will get to.

Now to the committee to plan for an alternate celebration in the capital.

Multiple cancel

Trondheim cancelled both 17. may train and local events at the schools earlier in april. Several smaller municipalities have also canceled train and traditional 17. may-collections.

It is currently unclear how the people in Bodø and Kristiansand to mark the national day. 17. may-committee in Bergen is also in she. The leader of the 17. may-committee in Tromsø, norway says it will be a different celebration this year.

In Finnmark’s largest city, Alta, says kulturleder that they are looking at alternative ways to create 17. may-the mood in the city. Among other things, whether they can send the city’s corps around in small groups, which spread 17. the may mood from morning to evening.

Say no to trains: the Leader in Stavanger 17. may-committee Ann Sesilie Tekfeldt cancel all trains on the national day.

Photo: Mathias Oppedal / NRK

Tuesday night, it was clear that Stavanger also cancels the common nasjonaldagsfeiringen.

– We are planning for a great celebration, but it happens digitally, ” says the head of 17. may-committee in Stavanger Ann Sesilie Tekfeldt.

the Municipality is working with a technical solution to stream the events through the day.

” We must make sending. A gala performance from the Stavanger concert hall.

All bydelsarrangementene is cancelled and no one gets to go in the train in years. Neither the children, russen or the people at large.

But the broadcast should include the hoist of the flag, speech, and kransenedlegginger. The municipality would also like to invite the local arts community to contribute.

Also Drammen cancel barnetog and other collections, but the municipality will as Stavanger arrange an alternative 17. may-celebration of the digital plan.

– It is wrong to cancel the 17. may completely when we anyway live in the digital space, ” says Mads Hilden (Ap), the leader of the 17. may-committee in the city.

He says that the committee has long worked with an alternative arrangement to the celebration. In the morning the committee will meet and put forward an idea for a strømmesending that will contain the elements of a traditional 17. may-celebration.

a record number IN the TRAIN: By grunnlovsjubileet in 2014 went to the record number in the folketoget in Stavanger. This year there will be different.

Photo: Erik Waage / NRK Korona makes the celebrations difficult

because of koronapandemien the government has put into the strictest measures in Norway in peacetime to restrict the infection.

the Government has banned cultural and sports events until 15. June. It has created uncertainty about how 17. may should be celebrated in the year. Several municipalities have called for national guidelines.

In government is the culture Abid Raja who has been tasked to coordinate this year’s nasjonaldagsfeiring.

He shall draw up advice and guidelines. It is expected that he will come with guidelines for the celebration of the short time. But he has already said that the celebration is different.

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