Not only is the Anderlecht and Genk train again with the club for Gent of the players in their side. Twice a week, they will be expected to have, individually has to work out. Even so, Sven Kums, officially owned by the Anderlecht, but as of this summer, again, finally, to Buffalo. “And the fact is, it’s still intense,” says the Gent sterkhouder in a Facebook Live on the world of Sports.

“It’s all very individually,” said Kums. “We will be training in groups of four, but we are in a one-on-one with four different coaches. After a training exercise put on. Actually, it work out we can, therefore, be separate, and there is very little risk of being infected, to get to the hotel. And the workout is fun because you have more time in the field, and the ball feels it is going to be quite resource-intensive.”

Plenty of matches played.

Heavy, but that may not be very useful. In the Pro League, the association of professional clubs – have all yet to confirm, but it is, as well as that, the competition is over. With Club Brugge and, as a champion, and the Gent that like to be the next challenger for the blue-black it had been played as a number two. “The Club has a well-deserved champion,” says Kums. “We are second, so it will be well earned. Everyone has days is enough to have a place in the general classification to to ensure. In Play-off 1, you know it won’t, but I think you’re on to anything, as yet, little had changed. The most important thing is that everyone is healthy right now.”

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The image of Bayat.

And there will also Kums to play their part in that respect. Together with his broker, Mogi Bayat, to its other players as well as a host of former Red Devils from Marouane Fellaini to, and the brother of Hazard – he’s one of the faces of the Souliers du coeur to a charitable organization, which, by the way the money wants to collect that can be used both during and at the coronacrisis. “It’s going to be even wider than in the world of football, coming soon, there will also be starring in the” reports Kums. “But the people will appreciate the initiative. I just have the masks going to present it to health care providers and have been very happy with the gift. That some of this can be seen as an attempt by Mogi for his image to be present then. I can understand that way of thinking, but the reality is that he is just going to have to do what is required. It’s nice that he works hard and contributes to. And that’s all that counts.”

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