To dismantle the monument to Konev needs to be restored – Sands


the Russian side hopes for the restoration of the dismantled monument to Soviet Marshal Ivan Konev in Prague, said the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov.

“We regret in this regard, and we, of course, would prefer still to see this monument restored or in the Czech lands, the inhabitants of which, in our opinion, should be grateful to this man, or, if required, in the Russian land”, – quoted Peskov “Interfax”.

a Kremlin spokesman added that the Russian side at various levels expressed confusion and indignation at the question of the dismantling of monuments to soldiers of the red army in the cities of Europe.

the Dismantling of the monument to Konev commented on Senator Vladimir Jabbarov. He called it a sacrilege and urged the Czech authorities to apologize for such actions.

the Monument was demolished on 3 April 2020. Group of persons engaged in the dismantling, was also hit by commemorative inscriptions. According to dzhabarov, such behavior is “offensive”, given the fact that Russia was ready to buy the monument and transported to the homeland of Marshal.

Earlier, Russia’s Investigative Committee opened a criminal case in connection with the dismantling of the monument to Konev in Prague. The Ministry said that the Czech Republic violated the agreement with the Russian side.

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