Fedor Smolov broke the quarantine, voluntarily returning from Spain to Russia

Photo: TASS/Vitaly Timkivi

the Russian player Fedor Smolov, who plays for the Spanish “Salto”, had violated the quarantine regime imposed on the country. He voluntarily returned from Spain to Russia, reports TASS.

it is Noted that the player was repeatedly asked the leadership of the club permission to return home for personal Affairs, but was refused. Despite this, pitch still flew to Russia.

Now for breaking the isolation the player may face sanctions in accordance with the internal regulations of the club, who would not accept it for return.

Fedor Smolov moved to Spanish FC “Barcelona” last winter on loan from Moscow “Locomotive”. Playing for the Spanish team, the Russian striker took part in 6 meetings, in which he scored one goal.

it is Known that the Russian athlete was ranked in Spain to the legends of football.

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