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Marketing has become popular because of the shortage of sanitary goods
The fire completely destroyed the dome of the Cathedral
3 724 sailors of the aircraft carrier study of infection with coronavirus was negative
In just the next few days is planned to transport home about 5 thousand Russians
This decision was taken by the immigration authorities of the Republic of
We are talking about mount Matterhorn, famous for the fact that she is depicted on the packaging of chocolate in the shape of triangles
Doctors say that the drug can reduce the replication activity of the pathogen COVID-19
You have to fill in the questionnaire on the website "public Services"
The Director General of the who called on governments to honesty and transparency towards citizens
Depression will affect both developed countries and States with emerging economies
However, the forecast, the assurance of the gates depends on the further situation with coronavirus in the United States
Monument to Marshal of the Soviet Union was demolished in early April
Traditional town in the desert will not be build
Italy ranks first in the world in the number of victims COVID-19
He conducted negotiations with two Russian companies for the purchase of 30 thousand tests
The Russian side hopes for the restoration of the dismantled monument to Soviet Marshal Ivan Konev in Prague
Buyer in USA have left the couriers instead of money sanitizer and toilet paper
This follows from the report of the National center for medical intelligence
The measure was taken to combat the threat of the spread of coronavirus
Russia may reduce the development of 14 percent from the first quarter
Symptoms began to appear in one of the infected after 27 days
Zoryana Skaletska left the sanatorium, but announced plans to return
The Russian Embassy in Italy contacted the Italian foreign Ministry and the office of the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Italy
The exercise scenario included a non-staff situation in Europe, where there is a war with Russia
The payment amount was below the subsistence minimum
There also regretted that such messages with the approaching us election will be more and more
The representative of the Kremlin did not want to talk about worst-case scenarios
The Russian leader offered to compensate Belarus $ 300 million
Victims in the incident are not currently discovered
The American leader considered the Academy award this year terrible
The official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry has described the situation there "a monstrous dehumanization of civil society"
It also reported 22 new cases of infection Wuhan pneumonia in the country
This has allowed the Syrian troops to successfully repel all attacks
According to media reports, the attacks are supported by the Turkish army
Georgia believes that the attack was planned by the General staff of the armed forces of the Russian Federation
Dutch prosecutors declined to comment on the authenticity of the documents
Local miners have lost their biggest market
"Tiger" was trying to overtake the car under the US flag, but he blocked the alley, and made the Russian armored car to pull over
Presented on the catwalk considered making fun of other races
Just examine 400 aircraft not yet received by customers
The captain-gunner Rosie Wilde became the first woman who held a 21-week grueling training course
The representative of the Russian Federation is not able to attend the meeting of the disarmament Commission
Russia informed China about plans to temporarily ban the entry of Chinese citizens due to coronavirus
All reptiles are left in the same place in trash containers
It is believed that in this way the Americans stressed their unwillingness to solve the issue of disarmament

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