Russian President Vladimir Putin is a very tired man. About this journalist Leonid Yakubovich said in a broadcast RTVI.

Today, as reported by the “Rambler”, Yakubovich was 75 years old. On this occasion, RTVI has interviewed him. In the course of it he told a journalist that three times seen Putin in person. Then the head of state answered questions for three to four hours.

“He’s a great answered any question. I do not understand how he has such expertise. At the same time I realize that I have a very tired man,” said Yakubovich.

He also expressed the opinion that Putin alone decides everything in Russia, and confessed that he becomes anxious.

In addition, the journalist admitted that some of the press conference of the President pissed him off, because solution to the issue, citizens were next the dismissal of the Governor, the mayor, or the initiation of criminal proceedings at all, who could solve the issue but not decided.

During the same interview Yakubovich said that the “United Russia” — the only political party that has power fists, to suscribete teeth, nasupil eyebrows and change the life of one simple person.