In a talk show TV host Andrey Malakhov “live” uncovered a network of black real estate brokers. Investigation of the correspondent Urmila Nechayev published on YouTube.

According to Malakhov, the criminals had entered into with the retired life annuity contracts, and then killing them with poison. One of the pensioners, Natalia Volotovsky, said that it had signed a contract, and after helping with food and repaired the balcony. She explained that the document was amended with a representative of the company Vitaly Demin.

The correspondent reported that older people were attracted via advertisements in Newspapers with “happy old people with white smiles”. One of the suspects was detained by police at the doorstep of Volot. According to preliminary data, he was carrying a significant dose of poison. In the transfer of Malakhov Demina was named the head of the criminal scheme.

Malakhov also has shown shooting a hidden camera of the notary’s office “Argument”, which, as believed, helped in registration of transactions with pensioners. The reporter asked employees about whether they are familiar with Demin and do things about the rent, that he received only negative responses. The presenter said that the next day the office was closed, and all references — removed.

Earlier in the broadcast talk-show “pryamoy Efir” has launched an investigation on 24-year-old business guru Artem Maslov. The release claimed that the young man promised to help people become successful, get money, and then disappeared.