with a delay of a month, the Moscow authorities decided to conduct a citywide prom for students in face-to-face format. The festival will be held in the night from 24 to 25 July in Gorky Park. Imagers and sanitizer, masks and gloves will be essential attributes of the festive farewell to the school-2020. Pandemic coronavirus this year has completely changed the usual routine of 11th graders, and at the Proms, no one expected. In addition, on 24 and 25 July scheduled reserve days for the exam, so not all students will be fun.

This summer we have one big hassle, haven’t had time to end the exam, and already started to mess with the exhaust, which no one was expecting – says Julia, mother of 11-klassnitsa. – Application to participate in the citywide celebration in Gorky Park, our class was served. Yeah and until recently it was not clear will there be an event the government has officially confirmed its holding only on July 16. The parents initially wanted to organize a prom for themselves on a paid site. But the problem is that officials have still not given a clear explanation of the traders in what format you can hold a celebration. Everyone can decide at the last moment, a few days before the event. Because of this, we are in limbo, can’t make plans, including on vacation. Besides, most girls have not yet even party dresses. First, all the shops were closed, and then the children passed the exam, they were not up to the fittings and search. Now all urgently resolve the issue with clothes, but no one really knows if they will be useful in the end. In addition, the senior girls traditionally do makeup and hair, sign up for who also need to advance.

Indeed, the Moscow authorities have officially confirmed that a city-wide graduation will take place in Gorky Park. It is known that in the Park will be installed thermal imaging cameras, disinfectants for clothing and non-contact sanitizers for the hands. All guests of the ball have to dance and have fun wearing masks and gloves.

“We really wanted to get on a city holiday, but the school for some reason are unable to submit the lists for participation. It’s a shame, but the exhaust we will not. Well, that’s not a dress, at least no financial losses”, – said the mother of another graduate.

– We, together with the class teacher decided that we’ll have a celebration when the situation stabiliziruemost and remove all the restrictions, says 11-grader Alena. Class we have a friendly, I’ll bacteraemia and for the year. To the holiday, no one did not want to go, even when discussing this question before the pandemic, and now even more so. Banquet there, food will not bring a huge crowd of students from all over Moscow… By Tomalso, everyone was tired, want to relax and forget the pandemic of coronavirus like a bad dream.

Natalia, the mother of the graduate was told that, tired of negotiations with cafes and estates, their class decided to do a prom at the cottage of one of the parents.

When it became known that city-wide graduation will take place face to face, we began to cast a fishing rod according to various sites to conduct their own holiday, – says the woman. But a few days these talks to nothing concrete has resulted. Some organizations immediately refused, others drag out, supposedly now they should be clear instructions on the outlet from the authorities. In the end, the parents of one girl offered to do a prom in their country house in New Moscow. The plot and the house there are large, go far, food for a Banquet order with delivery, and even will save significantly on rent site. This idea immediately everyone liked, let the children have a normal celebration without the endless restrictions and prohibitions.