MOSCOW, 30 may — RIA Novosti, Anton Skripunov. the Area where he lived, St. Sergius of Radonezh — a famous Russian Saint, attracted not only Orthodox believers, but also hunters for anomalies. They are looking for near the suburban village of Radonezh tract White gods, where once was a large pagan sanctuary. Its secrets are also trying to uncover the historians, not far off, and new archaeological research.

one of the most mysterious places of Russia — in the material RIA Novosti.

In the mid-1960s, the young couple later in the evening went from Radonezh in the neighboring Vozdvizhenskaya on a deserted forest path.

“Suddenly I heard voices, dogs barking, laughter, the rattle of buckets and other sounds very close to us. In such a noise plunge, while the day in the middle of the village. But there was no housing. To go further was impossible: something as if hindered. Heard it all and my companion. It was scary. We stood for 10-15 minutes, and then slowly turned around and went back,” said historians years later one of the local residents.

Arriving home, she told their parents about the incident. Those I was not surprised: in the district had long been rumored that somewhere between Radonezh and Vozdvizhenskoe — “enchanted place”. There seems to be once was a pagan sanctuary. On the altar — a large stone hemisphere sacrificed boys and girls, coaxing powerful deities.

However, where exactly was the temple, the locals didn’t know. According to legend, in the deep woods hid something very valuable.

In the mid-nineteenth century came the famous Russian ethnographer Ivan Snegirev, who has studied the life of the great Russian Saint Sergius of Radonezh. Told him about the ancient sanctuary of the White gods on a hill two miles from Radonezh.

“According to old residents, in the ravine lay the stones, under which it was sought to seek the treasure, but according to the old legend, St. Sergius was erected a stone cross in the place of idols, which were worshipped by the inhabitants of the surrounding villages”, — wrote in his notes Snegirev.

the village got into the habit treasure hunters. Everyone wanted to find described tract and there are hidden treasures of the pagan priests, intended to adorn the main idol in the temple. The Moscow newspaper and then reported news from the scene of the search.

Archaeologists appeared here only in the beginning of XX century and found only a few graves. However, digging in the fields, in the thicket did not go deep. The villagers knew the guests were scared the spirits of the temple.

In Soviet times, the place is investigated by means of aerial photography. Saw a layout similar to the famous Stonehenge.

That’s just who was devoted to their expected sanctuary — the big question. Information about belobog��, whose name might indicate the name of the area, unlike Perun, Veles or dazhdbog, very scarce. Although the names associated with it, are found throughout Eastern Europe.

“This deity prayed for the gift of all that is good. He is also identified with the Svarog — the Supreme God. And he has brother-antagonist — Chernobog, the prototype of the SCRAG,” explains RIA Novosti expert on Slavic paganism Vladimir Kazakov.

But what is strange: Belobog and Chernobog was worshipped by Western Slavs. Therefore, according to the researcher, it is highly surprising that the sanctuary in their honor was on the North-East Ancient Russia.

Any evidence about specific gods archaeologists have not yet found. Full-scale excavations did not take place.

“There are only assumptions — what was the sanctuary where it was exactly, who here worshipped,” — said RIA Novosti historian Konstantin Filimonov.

Fans to build a historical hypothesis, consider three points on the ground: the ancient city of Radonezh, whose name, according to them, comes from the name of the pagan God Radegast (aka belobog); the site where now stands the stone Church of the Transfiguration (this corresponds to the old Russian tradition to build churches in place of pagan shrines) and Dubrava in the area of settlements leskovo-4 and leskovo-9 (names given by archaeologists) — it was there in the XIX century the local residents found the white stones and the remains of the idols. “This place is really due to a lot of rumors and legends,” — said Filimonov.

in Addition to scientists, a neighborhood of Radonezh was chosen and various lovers of mysticism. For them, this tract — “place of power”. What is happening here is abnormal phenomena they read a warning of pagan deities, who do not want to buried by the priests of the treasure and the legendary stone altar was found.

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