Swedish “soft” method of opposition to coronavirus were, it seems, is not too effective. Sweden, where the authorities refrained from harshly restrictive world, demonstrates the high level of deaths from the coronavirus in capita than any other country in the world over the past seven days.

In Sweden was recorded 5.59 deaths per million people per day, this figure is 11 times higher than the world average: 0,49 deaths per every million people during the same period, reports the Daily Mail.

Moving average seven days in Sweden is higher than in any other country. For the Scandinavian Kingdom, followed by Brazil (4,51), San Marino (4,21), Peru (4,12) and the UK (3,78).

the Swedish figures are also higher than in other countries that are heavily affected by the virus – including the USA (2,98), Belgium (2,49), Italy (1,55), Russia (1,02) and France (0.98 in).

At the same time, despite the moving average, in Sweden there is the highest mortality rate from coronavirus by one million people since the beginning of the outbreak. The latest figures for may 29, show that here the palm belongs to San Marino, where for every million people died 1238,55 people. This is followed by Belgium (810,04), Andora (660,07), UK (557,36) and Italy (548,15). France is in sixth place with 439,11 the deaths from the coronavirus in every million people since the beginning of the crisis, but Sweden lags behind with 422,41 deaths.

the Latest figures for Sweden show a total of 35727 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 4266 deaths as of may 28.

Sweden’s Strategy to combat coronavirus is largely based on voluntary measures related to social distancing and compliance with basic hygiene requirements. At the same time, the country remained open schools for children under the age of 16 years, as well as cafes, bars, restaurants and businesses.

the Swedish approach was welcomed in the world is ambiguous: some have criticized it as a dangerous experiment, which threatens the lives of people, but the world health organization conceded that this approach can be seen as a model for the future.

a Recent study showed that on the basis of 1100 tests conducted nationwide, only 7.3 percent of Stockholm’s population have developed antibodies by the end of April. The study of antibodies was aimed at exploring the potential of herd immunity, a situation when a sufficient number of people in the population have developed immunity to infection to effectively stop the spread of this disease.

who warns against excessive hopes for herd immunity. In mid-may, it was stated that the global studies revealed antibodies only 1-10% of the population, which corresponds to recent results in Spain and France.

CL��stiem the Swedish approach to combating coronavirus has become the concern of other European countries the possibility to the inhabitants of Sweden. So, soometsa that Cyprus is going to open for visitors from June 9, gives the go-ahead for the flights from Norway, Denmark and Finland but not Sweden.

moreover, going to open their borders, the Norwegians and the Danes said that the entry for residents of Sweden will remain closed – due to the continuing high level of infection with coronavirus.