Daughter of press Secretary of Russian President Peskov Elizabeth noted in her Instagram that she liked scandalous interview with presenter Regina Todorenko about domestic violence.

As he wrote, “the Rambler,” before Regina todorenko said that women can be their own fault that they are beaten. This statement provoked a storm of criticism, the magazine Glamour has deprived the presenter the title of “Woman of the year” and a number of brands have suspended her advertising contracts.

“Maybe my opinion is not so popular, but the interview I was like,” Peskov wrote in the “storis”.

In his publications in social networks daughter the press Secretary of the President of Russia stressed that “not all women realize that, if one dared to raise hand, gotta get ready and go.”

Publish from Elizaveta Dmitrievna (@lisa_peskova) 27 APR 2020 2:12 PDT

“There are victims are the ones who will sit and accept, even if it is to provide every opportunity for care,” – said Peskov.

She also noted that the topic of domestic violence should be considered in the context of combating violence in General.

“it’s not that we have no laws on domestic violence and that the existing article doubtful works, as well as the low level of General culture and consciousness,” she said.