The head of the press service of urban policy of Moscow Maxim Orlov has told, how for 22 days were treated in Kommunarka from bilateral pneumonia caused by a novel coronavirus. His story published Telegram-channel capital’s operations center.

“it’s passed all the circles of hell, including a coma, a respirator, dead or roommates and even what my family had to say: “Orlov is not extended”, – he said (spelling and punctuation of the author saved here and hereafter).

According to Orlov, he became the third patient in the hospital Kommunarka saved after connection to the ventilator.

“What is “there, below”, I can not say, but I can tell you what will be on the doorstep. Your last thought will be, “still, I don’t care.” And will continue to work the angels” – he wrote.

Orlov thanked the chief doctor of the hospital Denis Protsenko, the head of the intensive care unit Nikita Matuskova and the entire team of doctors and nurses, noting that he is indebted to them.

Orlov also urged people to stay home and observe a mode of self-isolation.

“One day in the hospital will be equal to months in isolation”, he concluded.

As reported by “the Rambler”, by the morning of 28 April, the number infected with the coronavirus in Moscow has reached 48, 426, 4130 of them have recovered, 479 died.