However, everything is in order. A giant warehouse of personal protection where there was this unusual fitting is located in Technopolis “Moscow” on the South-East of the capital. Weekly here in the city hospitals and clinics are sending more than 4 million sets of personal protective equipment. This is where I first got a look at near all means of individual protection, which had seen only on TV, and even to try them on. Where do I start?

“have Developed special rules of how to put on and take off personal protective equipment. It is important not to leave exposed areas of the body. Every health worker in this helps a coworker, and before entering the “dirty” area, again carefully checks everything,” came to the aid of Igor Porous, chief epidemiologist of Moscow.

Jumpsuit, gloves, Shoe covers, cap, respirator… More hood, sunglasses, an extra pair of gloves and a Bathrobe. Everything as has to fit the skin to the virus has no chance to get on the skin and mucous membranes. In the first minute seemed to breathe, but I privataus, remembering that the doctors somehow work in such equipment is on average six hours a day! After 15 minutes, I was drenched in sweat. One thing was comforting – reliable protection that goes with this clothing. Every detail is thought out. On the sleeves, tight cuffs, tight rubber band on the glasses and a respirator.

“But do get sick in Moscow and medics?” – I remind him. “Yes, there were such cases, and the media wrote extensively, agrees Porous. – But the lives of doctors, like all Muscovites, is not only in the red zone. After work, they take public transport home, go to the store… So the catch can be anywhere. But I do know that in hospitals and clinics all done in order to protect doctors, nurses, the whole staff.”

the Safety of doctors has been and remains one of the primary tasks of the city authorities at the time of the pandemic. In order to reliably provide, and created this stock in a time when there was a struggle with the coronavirus. “Earlier was a warehouse on Dubininskaya street. But PPE required much more, and so it was necessary to increase the storage area. So the decision was made to expand Moscow’s biggest logistics complex with the area more than 17 thousand square meters”, – said the head of the organization providing the activity of the medical organizations of the Department of health of Moscow Konstantin Romanov.

According to him, the stocks are replenished weekly. “By September we will create a reserve of two to three months. Suits try to stock all sizes, but primarily those that are the most popular among the physicians – L, XL, XXL” he said. For the doctor it is important that the costumes and equipment for personal protection�� consistent with the size, not constrain movements, did not cause pain.