Neat modular structure with clean and bright rooms very different from the old wall which long ago eaten away by fungus due to a leaky roof. That village with almost three thousand population in dire need of normal medical facility (the nearest clinic is a hospital – 120 km), “RG” wrote repeatedly. The Cup of patience overflowed from heavy rains that struck the city last fall. The hospital had to be closed temporarily, and to admit patients in a mobile FAP. However, medical personnel in the village by that time had almost gone.

Now the state clinic is fully equipped. For the convenience of doctors, nurses and patients there are all conditions, and with elements of lean production and navigation signs, information boards and call button staff for people with disabilities. As said the chief Village of the district hospital (Belogorsk is located in the Village district. – Ed.) Denis Kuzmin, the clinic brought new furniture and modern medical equipment, installed fire and burglar alarm with sound detectors and fire extinguishers, as required by standards and regulations.