Each comedian Yevgeny Petrosyan in an interview with "the Source" told off his young wife Tatyana Brukhanova, which, in his opinion, only interested in money artist.

According to an anonymous friend, he was surprised by the choice of a life partner made by Petrosian. "I spent half an hour with Brownboy, and it was sick. This is such crap… the Man is full of anger, there are some antibodies. It calls hostility from the first sentence, and I am a very loving person," he said.

Yevgeny Petrosyan and his colleague on the stage Elena Stepanenko divorced at the end of 2018. Close to the surrounded by a pair of sources claim that a year after the divorce Petrosyan could marry again — on Brownboy. In March 2020, the media began to write about the birth of Petrosyan and Brownboy officially these rumors are not yet confirmed.