Former long time host of the program “In fauna” Nikolay Drozdov has denied the information that is friends with the journalist Vladimir Pozner. This writes the “Interlocutor”.

According to Drozdova, he never was friends with Posner, despite the fact that they entered the same faculty of the University.

“I it and in eyes did not see then. He had another company. I was friends with the zoologists. On top of that I studied at this school a year and a half,” he told the broadcaster in an interview.

Drozdov also surprised that Posner mentioned in his biography about their co-op Commission in the military before entering College.

“I was told about this story. I have then asked: “Why invent?” He obviously forgot that at the time of admission he was 19 and I’m 16. I could not call for a medical examination”, – he stressed.

“Rambler” wrote that earlier Vladimir Pozner has criticized the film Director Nikita Mikhalkov said that “disgusted” look of his artistic program dedicated to the coronavirus.