Music marketing Yevgeny Anisimov in detail told about how the connoisseur of the game “What? Where? When?” Michael Skipski molested her when she was still a minor. At that time the girl was only 13 years old.

In an interview with “Medusa” Anisimov told that Skipski to show indifference to her and the other girls in 2009 when she studied at the St. Petersburg Physico-technical school (PTS). Skipski was invited to school as a trainer for CPP. According to Anisimova, the lessons he constantly allowed himself to vulgar and explicit jokes-insults to the address of the students, but not only that.

“Could the girls by the waist hugged her calmly,” recalled the girl.

In the same year, along with Skeepskin went by train to the championship of Russia in ESC in Stupino near Moscow. During the trip, he began to dismiss his hands to her.

“When all were asleep, he sat on my bottom shelf, and began to stroke me, then put his hands under my bra and panties, and crawled to kiss”, – said Anisimov.

Then a teenager, she was shocked by the behavior of the teacher and fell into a stupor. Apparently, Skipski noticed saw her reaction and backed off. Were even episodes when he Skapski allowed themselves “unequivocally to stroke” her in the face in front of others participating in the CPP.

After the cases Anisimov had not seen for seven years. The next time they crossed paths at work and in conversation with already adult girl Skipski behaved more confidently and carelessly. According to Anisimova, on the move, he offered her to have sex.

“People immediately decided to go to kiss and offer to have sex in toilet of restaurant,” said the girl.

the Girl’s response began to ask him about his school days, saying whether he thinks that normally behaved at that time. Skipski that said, she does not remember, “so, there were some classic jokes in response to it.”

harassment Skifskogo became known after on Twitter said the journalist edition of the Bell Catherine Arenina. According to her, a connoisseur ESC repeatedly molested her and other Schoolgirls.

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