the US and the UK lashed out against Russia, accusing it of test on a space orbit, anti-satellite weapons.

recently, on July 15, reportedly, has passed the test of the new Russian satellite, we studied the performance of the latest small satellite inspector, with which close-range were examined the technical condition of another Russian spacecraft.

says the space command of the United States, from the Sputnik “Kosmos-2543” July 15, separated object No. 45915. According to statements by the U.S. military, the separation of the object from the parent 45915 device occurred close to another Russian satellite. According to the command of the United States, these tests do not look like the testing of a satellite inspector, and prove the fact that Russia has carried out non-destructive testing anti-satellite space weapons.

In a statement, Washington said that the Russian launch was “another example that threats to space systems of the USA and allies is real, serious and growing”.

the Daily Mail reports that according to British military sources, the use of satellite as space weapons “is a step in the direction of outer space from becoming a new front line”.

the UK depends on satellites for many important areas, including communications, navigation using satellite devices, and weather forecasting. Previously British Ministers have said that an enemy state can affect the ability of emergency services to respond to urgent incidents disrupting satellites.

on Wednesday, the British defense Minister Ben Wallace said in the house of Commons that the UK is “deeply vulnerable” in space: “unfortunately, space is a real threat, our opponents and plant the weapon in space, and we in the West are very vulnerable to such actions, because we rely on space assets. This is another evidence of the constant efforts of Russia on development and testing of space systems, which is consistent with the published military doctrine, the Kremlin’s use of weapons which poses a risk to us and allied space assets”.

In a statement, the head of the space Department of the UK Ministry of defence Vice Marshal Harvey Smith said: “We are concerned about how Russia has tested one of its satellites, firing the projectile with the characteristics of the weapon. Such actions threaten the peaceful uses of outer space and pose the risk of debris that could pose a threat to satellites and space systems that affect the world. We call on Russia to avoid further such tests. We also call on Russia to continue to work constructively with the UK��and other partners to encourage responsible behavior in space.”

on Thursday evening in conversation on the phone the President of the United States Donald trump expressed hope to his Russian counterpart that they will be able to avoid the “expensive arms race in three directions” between the US, China and Russia.

In a statement, Washington said that the launch of these weapons is further evidence of the efforts of Russia on development and testing of space systems.

the head of the space command of the USA General John Raymond claims that the launch was carried out “in accordance with the published military doctrine of the Kremlin to use weapons, which puts at risk U.S. and allied space assets”. The U.S. state Department expressed concern that Russian satellites have the characteristics of “space weapons”.

However, General Raymond was forced to admit that during the test, Russia’s actions never brought anyone any harm.

meanwhile, in February the same General Raymond expressed concern that two Russian spacecraft “pursued” the American reconnaissance satellite USA-245, known as KH-11. According to American data, sometimes the distance between the Russian and American satellites was only about 160 km away.