new criminal cases piled on “police Ombudsman” Vladimir Vorontsov. To his wife, Alexandra, who have always considered the wife of the defender of the wronged and insulted, a kaleidoscope of searches came as a shock. The woman told us her version of events.

Recall, it all started with a criminal case under article of the criminal code “Extortion” – supposedly the blogger demanded 300 thousand rubles with the former employee of the Ministry of internal Affairs Rasim Kurbanov after the publication of his photo “below the belt”.

Then for the distribution of chat pornography (naked photos of ex-employee PD) was arrested associate of Vladimir, and the “Ombudsman” was a suspect. And yesterday, may 28, “collection” added to the charges of two sins.

this time against already arrested Vorontsova sued in another episode with extortion – a lady claims that he was forced to send intimate photos and demanded 30 thousand roubles. The investigators intend to bring the Creator of the public for another “a pornographic affair” – backfired on those pictures Kurbanova.

– Alexander, tell the story of your relationship – start a conversation with the wife of Vladimir Vorontsov.

We met in “Vkontakte” at the end of 2006. In the police group. There was Vladimir, and my girlfriend, whose avatar stood our picture together. Dylan found me in her friends and began persistently to write.

I at that time was in a relationship almost 7 years ,it dinamia and rejected. Blocked him and he created new pages and wrote to me. In a word, all the while, he sought me. Once he even wrote: “How’s my future wife?”. I, of course, responded, saying are not yours and never will be. But the destiny has disposed differently. In September 2013, I agreed to meet.

He then worked in the centers on Petrovka. Beautiful handsome man. I once bribed, that he was nice and interesting talks about his life and work. After 5 months we got married.

He had already tried to be an advocate?

– During this time, he’s matured a lot. Just at that time, I watched as he began to delve into interesting topics, and its main engine had a desire to fight injustice. I read law books, studied law, was interested in history and COP the gear. I am far past that.

Some of his former colleagues thinks he could become angry at the system… whether your husband has a grudge against law enforcement?

– Nothing like it has ever been. To the 7th may when he was arrested, he felt part of the system. They, on the contrary, are motivated by a desire to help employees to deal with lawlessness, lawlessness, illegal orders.

– Vladimir left the bodies and how he developed a career?

– At that time he had already RAbot inspector personnel in ATC SWAD. By the time Dylan started blogging. While there, he wrote sharp, wrote stories of life, work, literacy. People began to reach him, he helped them. He loved it madly. Developed group.

Then he left the staff of the TV channel offered the producer of criminal news, and Vova without hesitation, wrote a statement. Just a couple of months he worked there, began to actively conduct their public, began to spread on the review of controversial materials. As a result, in November 2017, the year we came up with a search warrant – Vova posted photos from the party women-Colonel, in which the face was attached to a Dildo.

According to her husband, the purpose of the search was to explore the identity of the “Ombudsman” (before Vladimir were anonymous) and to scare. Soon he said he wanted to do more group. My husband told me that retires from TV and devote himself to the group.

I did not support it. Imagine my fear: it’s just some group in the social network, I also didn’t earn anything, was in the decree, but he decided to take a chance. He convinced me that I can be a representative in the courts and saw the potential in public. Well spun. And, you know, I realized that it’s his life, he flourished and lived. All these fly on the cities where he defended the employees, interview, transmission, radio. He was willing to sit for days and do his new job.

How your husband spent his day, what exactly was he doing?

– Wrote complaints, dealt with documents. Acted as the expert. Wrote educational program. Moderated group. Occasionally wrote the posts. Was constantly on the move. We not only do cross paths – I went to work. Free time spent with us, trying to give time to his daughter.

– Now rumors that the “police Ombudsman” funded almost personally Khodorkovsky and Vladimir in the accounts of millions. Tell us about your income.

yeah, and I speak with you now from the Maldives! We lived, like all people. We have enough for food and clothing, but in diamonds and gold we did not swim. With regard to the accounts of the husband, I don’t know if there’s actually some money. I have a million now, definitely not.

what was the income of Vladimir? For example, when I manage to earn good money, I with your head held high tell your wife about it. Remember what financial success before you boasted to her husband?

He was getting money from advertising in the group of donuts (donations) from subscribers, for representation in the courts. But this, he said, “Sasha, I earned a million”, was not. All income is counted in the high tens of thousands: here are ten for advertising, 20 for court. Plus my earnings. Lived quite normal. In fact, we almost never left nick��but rest. Was on his honeymoon – my parents gave us a trip to the Dominican Republic, and in 2016, went to the Crimea.

– Vladimir shared with you work problems?

When he was wound up and wanted to tell me about what was bothering him from the COP theme, I as a listener was missing for three minutes, then I started under his emotional story about the injustices to think about girlfriends, daughter, domestic Affairs.

Back to the very first search. Didn’t take it as a warning?

– not at all. If we come to a relatively fair, I now understand that there is nothing to compare. Took our stuff and six months later, when it was closed, returned everything. Life did not stand still, Vova and I were working, the child went into the garden, everything was normal.

– According to our data, now, one of the criminal cases under article 319 of the criminal code (“Insult of representative of power”) concerning your husband has a backstory related to that search. Specifically the victim, a police officer tried to bring Vladimir to justice…

– Yes, it is. We went to these comrades, stretched the resolution on a search. Vladimir said that he needed to call a lawyer. They began to ban. My husband asked if he is detained, to which they said no, saying that you are a witness. Then he went into the kitchen and began to gain defender. Fellow males behind him ran, began to snatch out from hands the phone. Dylan clutched the phone and gave him the device. Then the males began to shout, saying, see, he is trying to remove Votsap!

Dylan didn’t even tried anything to remove, and threw in the hearts him obscene phrase. Apparently, this fellow Kobelev took offense and wrote a statement. A criminal case was initiated, but it was closed, as the examination did not recognize the word insult, putting its value is “a liar, a gossip”. After that Vova rinsed Kobeleva in telegram channel. As I understand it, when the initiation of a new case, investigators saw the hint of homosexuality that special person in posts Volodya.

What about the second case for extortion you know?

– No, I don’t know this woman, not by showing the face, made a comment.

And where did the 242 article “Illegal production and trafficking of pornographic materials or items”?

I realized that pornography was recognized as photos of a former employee of the Department of internal Affairs on MM, about whom you wrote.

What now he in jail?

– Now the main problem is the conditions in which it is located. The fact that he was transferred to SIZO-7, and there it sits in quarantine. That is, he is one in the chamber, where nothing of what is the normal life of the prisoner.

While there window is open. To shut it down because the grid itself is impossible (with��wasting time of the warm season in insulators open the Windows and in winter time it is closed). Any transfer, including warm clothes, banned because of the pandemic. And in the online store, as I understand it, as well as seasonal products were removed from sale, and a blanket or something warm to buy, order impossible. Dylan writes that he is forced to go and sleep in all the clothes that he has. And how long that would last is not known, because each exit at the investigative actions nullify his 14-day quarantine due.